Management Training

Many companies do not have the systems or people in place to develop the proper management and sales teams. We bring the combined efforts of many companies to you and customize your plan to meet your company mission and goals. Once we know this, we can implement the proper training for your managers and sales associates.

Team Building

The Sagemen Corporation specializes in Building Professional Management and Sales Teams. Sagemen provides special programs focusing on helping the financial Services industry develop Managers and Agent Advisors. Our experience extends to over 100 years of sales and management experience within our company.

Sales Training

The field of financial sales and sales management has experienced profound changes in recent years.  Sales, Sales Management Professionals and their customers are better educated, more informed and more selective in the products and services they buy and sell. These changes have spawned a new generation of sales and sales management training programs, focused on well established principals to satisfy customer’s needs.

Core Programs

Building Bench Strength
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Professional Patterns of Management
This ten-module self-study program can be used by individual agency leaders to improve their leadership ability. We have also customized this program for many of our client companies for use as their primary management development tool. The most recent development with this program is through The American College. Professional Patterns of Management - 21st Century is now a required course to obtain the prestigious Chartered Leadership Fellow (CLF). The course comes with everything you need for enhancing your leadership skills.

Building on our combined 120 years in the insurance and financial services industry, we are uniquely qualified to help our clients engineer result-producing training for their entire organization, from sales force to field management to home office. We are proud of the team we have assembled. KBI Consultants bring vast knowledge and broad experience to each assignment. (Click here for our team of consultants.)

The program is built around ten systems of management. Each module is divided into an overview and objective, key information (key concepts), testing your knowledge (assignments) and support information for your review (exhibits).


Module 1: Planning Desired Results
Module 2: Communicating Effectively
Module 3: Recruiting Winners
Module 4: Building Confidence Through Competence
Module 5: Developing Independent, Responsible Producers
Module 6: Creating Prospect Attraction And Trust
Module 7: Setting Agents Up For Early Success
Module 8: Monitoring Consistently What Matters
Module 9: Multiplying To Maximize
Module 10: Enhancing Leadership Skills


Leading Edge Managing
Building the Master Agency
Managing Compliance
Agency Executive Officer Program
Agency Executive Officer Program
William Lee Moore, CLU, ChFC, RFC, FIC

This course requires three days to teach. If you try to cut it short, you will not be able to really hit home the ideas. When I interject workshops it requires three days to complete. I would strongly suggest that the course be a minimum of three days. The Agency Executive Officers are the life blood of an organization and the first management group that is growing a large organization. They are more like home office executives. Their job is to build great agencies with a large management teams. The course is as follows

  • What is the Job
  • What is Management
  • What are the great laws of Management
  • Workshop

Agency Executive Officer:
  • Upward Bound Management
  • Requirement of Leaders
  • Habits of Leaders
  • Building the Team Concept
  • The Management Process and Leadership
  • Workshop

Selecting Agency Leaders and Assistant Agency Leaders:
  • Characteristics of Agency Leaders
  • Common Denominators
  • Responsibilities of the Agency Leader
  • Evaluation of Skill Levels
  • Workshop

Planning Desired Results
  • Results and Focus in the Planning Process
  • 59 Dimensions Agency Profile
  • Planning and Motivation
  • Workshop

Developing Agency Leaders
  • Agency Building Philosophies
  • Developing Leaders to be excellent Recruiters
  • The Attraction Statement
  • How to Train and develop agents’
  • How to talk like a success agency Leader
  • Workshop

Making Productive Contracts with Agency Leaders
  • The Winning Edge
  • Power to Develop
  • The most important Question
  • Workshop

Growing as a Professional
  • Study and Analyze performance
  • Manage Time Intelligently
  • Creativity Characteristics
  • Developing your Communication Skills
  • Sharpen your Listening Skills
  • Workshop
  • The Cruel Sea

Professional Sales Process
The Kinders share the techniques that made them master sales professionals, as well as master agency builders. The Professional Sales Process is a walk through the complete sales cycle, from marketing to monitoring your progress, and everything that happens in between.

For agency builders, this is the transferable sales process that will give your associates the skills they need to turn prospects into clients.

For sales professionals, we've provided the techniques and scripts for every step in the sales cycle, no matter what point-of-sale tool you use. All you do is add the discipline to prepare!

You'll learn the techniques for the four key points in the sales cycle:

1.Setting appointments
2.Gaining the money commitment
3.Getting the app signed and getting the check for the initial first premium
4.How to keep yourself in front of warm, qualified leads by getting referred lead endorsements.

In addition to the 78-page binder with scripts for every phase of the sales cycle, you receive our Personal Marketing Plan of Action, a 14-page guide for developing your marketing plan, a sample fact-finder, and a tool for monitoring and measuring your progress, The Progress Guide.
Management Solutions Thru DiSC Profile
DiSC is the power to transform individuals, teams, and organizations. Peak Performance Solutions provides valuable products and services to help people develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. Based on extensive research these time-tested resources create the opportunity for transformational experiences. The training is offered in Spanish and other languages, and Peak Performance Solutions can even provide you with trainers in these languages.
Recruiting Your Way to Success
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