Total Approach Consulting

This is our Core advantage. With our 35 years in sales and sales management our consulting team will deliver competitive and systematic solutions to your companies needs. Our ultimate objective with all of our consulting services is to help you achieve real results by focusing on improving your performance in Production Growth, Producer Development and Profitable Operations, thus increasing the return on your business assets.

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Sales & Management Training

The field of financial sales and sales management has experienced profound changes in recent years. Sales, Sales Management Professionals and their customers are better educated, more informed and more selective in the products and services they buy and sell. These changes have spawned a new generation of sales and sales management training programs, focused on well established principals.

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Strategic Alliances

A strategic alliance is a cooperative agreement with another company to combine resources in a way that is beneficial to both parties. Unlike a merger, both companies maintain their individual identities, goals, mission, etc. The purpose of the alliance is simply to create opportunities for the two companies to work together to achieve a specified goal of helping their clients. Our Strategic Alliances are with industry leaders.

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We are a team of Professional Consultants from East to West, who have had a profound experience in helping our clients create outstanding business records for the past 35 years.

We are located in United States, Hong Kong, China, South America and India. These markets are the emerging financial markets of the world and Sagemen and our affiliates are there.

We are proud to be Sagemen and our long standing affiliates.

Major Companies Turn to Sagemen Corporation for Management & Sales Development, plus Special Training and Development for Financial Planners

Our roots go back 35 years with consulting and training, for agency management, senior management and sales associates with Insurance and Financial Services Organizations. We provide to our customers the best know system in the development of sales and management teams.

The Sagemen system has 27 years of experience serving companies from around the globe. It is updated as needed to meet the needs of today.

The Sagemen System is known throughout the insurance industry for be the finest customized, result-providing procedures and training programs.

We develop management and leadership skill programs.

We create marketing programs to guarantee a sufficient number of sales interviews for producers.

The Sagemen training system has been translated into Chinese.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver products and services of superior value that give sales people, field management professionals, and corporate officers the confidence and competence to be successful in both their professional and personal lives.

We will deliver systems and implement programs that bring about the desired results of production growth, producer development and profitable operations.

We will provide professionals at all levels with tools to move to the next level in the financial services arena. Everything we strive to achieve will be predicated upon the success of the individual Advisor.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be widely recognized as the leading global provider of training and consulting services to sales and sales management people in the financial services Industry. We will offer a portfolio of time-tested principals and solutions.  We will retain our customers with outstanding service and value.

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