Making Solutions Thru Systems

The Process:

The consulting process offers a comprehensive, concise process that provides the tools for sales and sales management professionals to move to new levels of success. By using sales and Sales Management skills with a personal development system, a sales and sales management professional will discover the system is the solutions and it will leads to higher levels of productivity and achievement

KASH  formulary for Development

The four elements of personal improvement are Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Habits.  When asked to rink the most important most would say Attitude,  the If we again asked where is most of the company time, money and effort go  they would say
Attitudes drives drive behavior. Therefore, in order to develop strong sales and sales management we stress attitudinal, it is essential that we begin by developing positive, success-oriented people.

Interpersonal Skills (Disc Profile)

Much of what a sales professional is involved in and therefore accomplishes involves other people. To be effective in this continuous challenge it is important to learn how to use interpersonal skills effectively. We use the DiSC profiles for evaluations.

Planning and Goal Setting

Much of sales is about the numbers. Using goals as a tool to establish and measure performance and effectiveness is essential to success. The goal accomplishment model which is a part of the sales process, provides the tools and methods necessary to achieve more goals in order to maximize results and outcomes.

The Sales Process

Sales is not about convincing someone to buy. It is about understanding needs and matching your products and services to meet those needs. Our sales program is developed around a step by step process that utilizes questions as a means to uncover those needs so your sale force can meet them for your customers. The results? More sales more often without the pressure traditionally associated with selling.

Critical Issues Addressed

• Planning and Goal Setting
• The Buying/Selling Process
• Your Personal and Professional Growth
• Prospecting Fundamentals
• Planning Your Success
• Prospecting: Advanced Techniques
• Communication Skills
• Getting Appointments
• The Introduction
• Gaining Favorable Attention
• Building the Case for Action
• Presenting Benefits and Consequences
• Getting Commitment and Follow-Up
• Overcoming Obstacles
• Continued Success in Sales

Each program includes an individual Action Plan focused on :

• Introduction to Personal Achievement
• Dream Inventory
• Self-Evaluation
• Setting Goals and Establishing Priorities
• Goal Planning Sheets
• Organizational Evaluation
• Productivity
• Sales Skills
• Time Management
• Goals Accomplished
• Goals Summary

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